Our Company


Our Company Északmagyarországi Regionális Vízművek closed joint-stock company is a regional water utility provider, (ÉRV ZRt.) for more than 50 years dominant waterworks utility company of the northern region of Hungary, with high operational standards and with excellent results. The owner of the joint-stock company is mainly the Hungarian State and all local governments, where the company is operating a municipal waterworks.

Our main activity is the production of water, water treatment, water distribution and wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, jointly water utility. We perform our public duties and the operation of municipal water utilities based on the asset management contract or rental management contracts.

Our area of activity is Heves-, Nógrád-, Hajdú-Bihar and BorsodAbaúj-Zemplén County. Through our integration efforts, the number of communities with direct water supply is continuously growing. We provide total more than 700 000 people with healthy drinking water.

As interested party we treat our owners, the owners of the water works, our customers, our employees, our suppliers and other relevant actors of the society

Our activities We provide our activities in the spirit of our culture and our mission of excellence, always at the highest quality level, in order to achieve the best possible results. We perform in this context all the time the self evaluation and development of the company. We consider that the key values of the company ÉRV ZRt. are the development orientation, as a basis for that innovation, reliability and stability.

In line with the expectations of the owners our main strategic goal is to ensure reliable water supply with optimum prices. To achieve our objectives, we aim to expand our area of activity, by which we pursue to increase our sales, or to streamline our operating costs. In order to improve the cost efficiency, we consider our main task efficiently exploit our capacities, as well as by network reconstructions to reduce water loss. Our major ambition is continuously improving the level of services.

We are constantly developing our technologies for ensuring the quality of drinking water according to legal norms. In this context we have installed such a filtering system in our waterworks in Lázbérc and in Szilvásvárad-Szalajka, which in addition to reduction of the consumption of chemicals, guarantees better drinking water quality for the user as it is prescribed.

Parallel with the development of our technologies we treat protection of our water-bases as high-importance, because the major part of our capacity comes not from protected deep water, but from surface and groundwater, respectively karstic water i.e. from "vulnerable" endangered water bases.

A secure water supply and the balance between spatial and temporal variance in water resources and consumption is made possible by the interconnections between water reservoirs in Hasznos, Csórrét, Köszörűvölgy, Komravölgy, Lázbérc and Rakaca with the 9 regional water utility system.

We ensure the continuity of water supply through modernisation of process control systems by reducing the preparation and start-up time for error protection and proper work organization.

For environmental protection we use modern waste water treatment for removing water contaminating materials in all wastewater treatment plants. As exemplary innovation, through use of a competitive opportunity, we have implemented the first sewage sludge composting in Kazincbarcika Berente, where we could produce a tested product, that can be used without restrictions in agriculture.

For reducing the environmental impact, we modernize our technologies and our vehicle fleet, for recycling, we collect selectively the waste and by using modern equipment, we optimize energy consumption.

We realize all these activities in the framework of the environmental management system according to MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 and energy management system, according to MSZ EN ISO 50001:2012 standard.

To achieve our goals, it is very important to ensure appropriate human resources and to increase employee satisfaction.

We pay special attention to the training of our employees. We maintain the health of our collegaues, therefore we use the occupational health and safety management system according to MSZ 28001:2003 standard. In addition, we attach a great value to ensure recreation opportunities for our staff.

To ensure the excellence of the operational processes, to increase the efficiency of procedures, we use modern management methods and we take care of the timely availability of the necessary resources.

The process-oriented management system of our company is based on the quality management system, which is according to MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 standard is developed and operated. The operating processes are supported with advanced informatic systems, which ensure the effectiveness of the processing, transmission, storage and protection of data.

Operation of integrated systems and the dissemination of the culture of excellence within the company guarantees a high quality water supply, increasing the satisfaction of the interested parties, as well as the efficient economic management.

The excellent results were confirmed with a number of awards, the following recognitions has taken over the management of the company: "Family friendly workplace", "5 star Recognised for Excellence", "The best water utility company of the year in B. A. Z. County" and "National Quality Award".

The results so far achieved and awards inspire the ÉRV collective on further responsible professional work, as well as through the environmental protection and water resource protection, through the promotion of sustainable consumption of tap water, for forming social outlook form with regard to water consumption, full development of our social responsibility. For ÉRV ZRt., the social responsibility is an indispensable value. Our voluntary mission is not only with our business philosophy, but also with our deeds in line.

We believe that we can become the authentic and determining water supply company in the region northern Hungary if we actively participate in addition to our high quality professional activity also in such initiatives, which can improve the quality of life of present and future generations, - taking into account the heritage our ancestors.